Russell Brand has an arrest warrant out for him

Russell Brand

Remember when Russell Brand tweeted a joke yesterday about how he wasn’t causing personal damage to the personal property of others by launching someone’s iPhone through a building because he dared taking a picture of him? Well, now there’s an arrest warrant out for Russell in New Orleans, which somehow makes his joke even funnier because HAHA! Bitch might be going to jail. TMZ reports:

New Orleans PD tells TMZ a misdemeanor warrant for simple criminal damage to property was issued tonight … following Brand’s run-in with a pap on Monday. Brand is accused of grabbing the photog’s iPhone and hurling it through the window of a nearby law firm. As TMZ first reported … people connected to Brand contacted the law firm and said the actor would be willing to pay for the damage to the window.

This is what annoys me about the whole thing: Russell up and stole a guy’s iPhone, destroyed it, and in the process also knocked out the window of a building, and his thought process is “yeah, whatever, I’ll just pay for the damages”. Asking rich people to pay what they see as pocket change for something like this isn’t going to teach them jack shit, anymore than paying $50 for a parking ticket won’t keep people from trying to stick their car wherever they want.

Russell Brand

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