Ryan Murphy seems like a nice guy!

Ryan Murphy and Chris Colfer

Remember how Ryan Murphy revealed that Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith would be “graduating” from Glee, which is a nice way of saying that they’re all getting shitcanned at the end of the season? Well, it turns out that Ryan didn’t actually tell any of them they were fired, and instead they all got to find out about it on Twitter. Thanks Ryan!

“I didn’t necessarily know that it was going to be our last season next year,” Chris Colfer tells Access Hollywood. “I knew something like that was coming up eventually. I mean, we can’t be there forever.” Like many graduates, he says the milestone is bittersweet. “Do I want to leave the show? Absolutely not,” he says in another interview, to Extra. “This is home for me. But I understand that there’s time for a conclusion.” SOURCE

Wait, fucking seriously? How do you not tell someone that they’re fired? How do you let them find out on fucking Twitter? TWITTER?! Have you seen the kind of people on Twitter? Like, 90% of it is just dipshit teenagers who think that singing ability makes up for a complete lack of moral compasses.

Ryan Murphy and Chris Colfer

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