Lindsay Lohan is back to work!

Lindsay Lohan

So it looks like Lindsay Lohan‘s jobs (specifically, handjobs, blowjobs, rimjobs … you get the joke, let’s not run it into the ground) are paying off, because Lindsay is finally back in front of the camera! Sure, it’s for a music video which is basically the lowest form of film-based entertainment out there, but at least she’s no longer shilling for penny auction websites.

Not wanting to jump in too fast, Lohan is easing back into her acting ways. The starlet stepped on set to play herself in the new music video for the Florida based band, The Miggs. She was snapped coming out of a Los Angeles club in the wee hours of the morning, wearing super high heels and a leopard print mini dress. SOURCE

I love how they say she doesn’t want to move in too fast, as if the reason she’s no longer making movies is entirely of her own prerogative. As if film studios are watching her court trials and reading about how she’s trying to commit traffic cone genocide and saying “Wow, would you look at her? She seems like a talented, well-adjusted young lady. Let’s build a multi-million dollar movie around her! It’s not like she’ll drink herself off of the face of the Earth midway through shooting!”

Lindsay Lohan

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