Selena Gomez shines for iHeartRadio

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

I should probably start this out by admitting something: I’m not the biggest Selena Gomez fan. It’s not that I dislike her, or anything. I mean, I saw Monte Carlo. I’ve listened to “I Love You Like a Love Song” here and there. I just wouldn’t go as far to say I identify myself as a Selenator or anything.

But after seeing Gomez take the stage on Thursday, July 25 at iHeartRadio’s Coca-Cola Summer Concert Series in New York City, I have to say, I have a new-found appreciation for the girl.

Gomez totally killed it, singing-live and hair-flipping her way through five of her songs (including the hit single – and her first #1, “Come & Get It”). Decked out in a super-sexy OSMAN white cropped-top and high-waisted shorts, the Spring Breakers-star won me over song after song. From “Save the Day,” to her new single “Slow Down,” it was hard to reset the pure-pop deliciousness the 21-year-old was serving up.

I was also hard to resist Gomez’s charm in the iHeartRadio pre-performance Q&A, too. Gomez, who I’ve always known as a squeaky-clean Disney tween star, admitted to drinking Jack Daniels, crushing on Jason Mraz, and even asked to judge on So You Think You Can Dance (attention Nigel Barker: MAKE THIS HAPPEN). And when I met her up-close in the meet-and-greet, Gomez’s smile (and flawless eyebrows) totally melted my heart.

Selena Gomez

All of this was in celebration of Gomez’s new album Stars Dance (which we’re giving away here on PopByTes) and her upcoming tour (at which Gomez promises far more dance moves than the hip shaking we were getting at the intimate concert). Be sure to check them both out. In the meantime, enjoy the iHeartRadio Q&A and concert below!

PS In case you haven’t heard the latest on Selena’s love life catch her interview w/ Paul The Web Guy.



Selena Gomez

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