‘Sex and the City 3: More friggin’ shoes!’

Sarah Jessica Parker

Remember how Sex and The City used to be a good show, and then it was turned into an okay movie, and then that okay movie was given a shitty sequel? Well good news! Sarah Jessica Parker is planning a sequel to that shitty sequel, which I’m presuming will somehow be even shittier than the one before it. But on the plus side: Shoes! Whining about TVs! Deflecting criticism by calling detractors misogynists! Yay!

“I think there’s one more story to tell. I know there is,” Parker told the newspaper. “I’d definitely tell that [third] story, and I know Michael would do it right. But maybe not now. Maybe in five years, you know?” Michael refers to Michael Patrick King, the TV and movie series’ creator (the series, of course, is based on books by Candace Bushnell). There’s been speculation that Blake Lively could star in a movie prequel to the series, but Parker waved off that talk. “There are a lot of important and interesting stories that 21-year-olds can tell,” Parker said. “I don’t begrudge any 21-year-old the opportunity to tell their stories… But I don’t think we can pretend to go back. It’s creating two histories. It’s like, ‘Oh I didn’t know that about Carrie Bradshaw.'” SOURCE

Oh, so basically they would be making… Gossip Girl? Pass. Look, I loved Sex and the City, but for God’s sake, that was was almost seven years ago. Sometimes you just have to sit down and say to yourself “Look, this relationship is going nowhere. It used to be good, but now you’re just a loud obnoxious washed-up douche terrible parody of the show you used to be.”

Sarah Jessica Parker

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