Shirtless Sylvester Stallone: Hot or freaky?

Sylvester Stallone

FitnessBytes with Wes Ferguson

Call me a daddy chaser, but Sylvester Stallone? I would. Dude is looking super ripped in Bullet to the Head, which comes out in April of next year. Oh, and p.s. he’s 65. Sure, maybe he’s not so fresh in the face. Maybe his moobs look like flesh rocks that could crush you in a crippling man hug (fantasy death, FYI). I will say one thing though, this bitch is holding on to whatever he’s got with all his might. I respect that. So many people grow old or get in a relationship and decide to let it all go. Lazy assholes!

I also like that he’s still kicking ass past his prime. In the movie (based off the graphic novel), he plays a hitman out for revenge. All the young action studs better recognize. Hollywood — and the world at large — is very youth oriented and we tend to put our old heroes out to pasture. Do not go silently into the night.

Stay hot, stay relevant! *W*

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Sylvester Stallone

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