‘Skating With The Stars’ is going to suck pretty hard!

Because not every d-list has-been can make it onto Dancing With The Stars, ABC is now launching Skating With The Stars! It has all the lack of excitement and intrigue as dancing, but now the contestants have razor blades attached to their feet! Hmmmm … actually, I like the sound of that. And if the amount of violence is any indication, this show might not actually be completely terrible.

Reality star Bethenny Frankel, Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil, ski champ Jonny Moseley and actors Sean Young, Rebecca Budig and Brandon Mychal Smith will take to the ice when the new show premieres on Nov. 22. The show will have a similar format to “Dancing,” with stars learning new routines each week and performing them for judges scores and viewer votes. SOURCE

Yeah, I’m not gonna lie: I don’t know who any of these people are. I mean, I think Bethenny Frankel might be one of the four horsefaces of the apocalypse from The Real Housewives of Oh Who Gives A Flying Fuck, and Vince Neil is that guy in that band who isn’t Tommy Lee, but everyone else? Meh. There are rocks with more gravitas then these people.

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