Snooki and Jwoww Are Getting Their Own Show

Because MTV has completely forgotten that musicians still make those moving picture shows, the network has decided to get Snooki and Jwoww to shoot a pilot for their own spin-off show, which would basically just be Jersey Shore only with one quarter of the cast. Yeah, this makes complete and total sense.

Sources connected with the production tell us … the pilot will be shot in Long Island over the weekend. There’s no special hook — it’s just Jwoww and Snooki being themselves.
What’s really interesting …. MTV wants a pilot. Considering “Jersey Shore” beat “Grey’s Anatomy” in the ratings — plus the fact you kinda know who these chicks are — a pilot would seem unnecessary. SOURCE

Alright, so theoretically a show featuring 75% fewer guidos than the original would probably be a hell of a lot better than the first show, until you realize the whole point of Jersey Shore is that we know they’re awful, but we just enjoy watching them be awful to each other. Sorta like when you stick a pair of praying mantises in a shoebox and watch them get drunk and fight each other to the death.

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