Spencer Pratt wants to be likable?!

Spencer Pratt

Uh-huh, good luck with that! So now that his wife Heidi Montag landed a gig on a new reality TV show, Spencer Pratt is looking to try and revamp their image by getting a job and becoming more likable. Most people would just shut the hell up, get a normal job and become a contributing member of society. But as we all know, Spencer isn’t “normal” and he barely counts as a human being. So instead, he called into Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show to beg for a job and blame his and his inflata-wife’s shitastic public image on everyone else but him. “Am I likable yet? No? *Sets a kitten on fire* How about now?”

“How do you go from being hated to even a little bit likeable?” Spencer asked. “It’s about who you are around. In the past I was around a lot of hated people at the Hills – so I’ve learned – you need to be around likeable people to even start being likable. And who’s the most likeable person in showbiz, if not the world? Ryan Seacrest!” When asked what’s brought around this sudden desire for a radical image overhaul, Spence shared that he’s spent a lot of time “reflecting” on his past mistakes. “I got a nice nine month vacation on the beach collecting sand dollars and I really got to reflect and I realized in Entertainment you can definitely go too far and people take things way more personal than I in the past took things,” he explained. “I’ve just had lots of time to think and ponder all the decisions I’ve made and I’m ready to start a whole new leaf.” SOURCE

Yes, so basically it’s everyone else’s fault that everyone hates you. Totally not anything you did, unless you count, I don’t know, everything you’ve ever done. Also, being an unemployed douchebag mooching off his parents does not count as “reflection”. But if you really want to be more likable, I have a great idea! Just put a stool on the ground underneath a high rafter, hang a noose from the rafter, step up on the noose and throw it around your neck, then do the world a big favor and kick the stool out from underneath you. That ought to make you a little more likable! Kisses! :D

Spencer Pratt

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