spotted celebs driving – oh sunset blvd!

ha! so when you see one celebrity during your day…i have realized you are bound to see two! after finding the cutest shirts down at energie on melrose today – i was coming back up crescent heights (my favorite cut-thru street – hands down!) and i headed back home east on sunset…so i am stopped at a light – look over and see actor jeff goldblum in a black SUV (i think a range rover but i could be wrong though) – it was just so random – i kinda pointed at him and looked in his direction – mr. goldblum totally saw me spotting him and gave a great friendly smile of acknowledgment – gosh he has been in so many movies including my favorite film of all time annie hall – he looked classy & handsome as always!

and yeah even though i know i live in los angeles…blah blah blah…it still trips me out to have random celeb spottings – especially when you’re driving! everybody is driving in LA – so when you notice someone – it’s kinda like a wow coincidence! so after that one i was kinda on the prowl to see another and just before i turned into ‘rock & roll’ ralphs grocery store – i see the cutest boy in the car and i’m like where do i know him from??? then boom i quickly realized it was lost hottie ian somerhalder – gosh why did they have to kill his character off?!? anyways i’m just chillin’ like a villain on a saturday night – hope you all are having fun! popbytes over & out until tomorrow…xxoo!

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