cory bernstein sighting – hot pic!

UPDATE sunday april 2nd

oi vey – so everyone has been emailing & alerting me that this cory bernstein character is the one behind getting his pictures on blogs & planting gossipy comments to incite some sort of PR & buzz! what a loser!

of course i didn’t know when i posted the picture below yesterday but now reading this post over at omgblog – it is all starting to ring a bell…i just got all excited yesterday :( gosh whatever – he did set me up well and it’s still a fun picture to look at but oh lordy all this went down on april fools day!!! i feel so duped BUT at least he thought popbytes was a site worthy to try and plant gossip on – ANYWAYS – i learned a lesson! and i will be on the lookout for more set-ups…xxoo!


hey kids happy saturday & april fools day – so a fan/friend of popbytes just emailed me this picture his girlfriend snapped of former versace model cory bernstein aka ‘cory the model’ at the beach in lido key, florida

my girlfriend took his picture and keeps pointing out the outline in his shorts…giving me a complex now…

sure does look like mr. cory is packing something big down below – enjoy the picture below – and much thanks for sending the picture to popbytes first – rock & blog on – xxoo!

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