who misses valerie cherish?

popbytes does! last weekend i finally caught her last movie happy endings on DVD last weekend and i really loved it! i so now have a huge crush on jason ritter (who plays such a cute sweet gay character) plus i think director don roos did an excellent job at weaving together a great bunch of random stories amongst a large ensemble of very skilled actors – maggie gyllenhaal was superb and played a role i hadn’t quite seen her play before – she is so going to have a long career ahead of her – i would totally recommend checking out this flick if you haven’t already…and yes even tom arnold was good!

yet as i watched lisa kudrow i just couldn’t help but reminiscing & thinking of our long lost pal valerie cherish – she was so awesome as ms. cherish and in ‘happy endings’ she totally rocked too! she is such a wonderful comedic actress – i wish she would do more films and/or TV! so then tonight i came across this picture of ms. lisa looking lovely along with director don roos at a recent UK screening of happy endings – i just had to post it here – oh i really do hope that HBO will soon be releasing the DVD – and it better be jam packed full o’ valerie extras & outtakes! give her a DVD break! give her a DVD break! give her a DVD break! i swear when it releases we are going to have a huge valerie party! amazon already has a listing for it – i so can’t wait! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


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