Stay classy, Brent Corrigan!

What? It’s a slow newsday. Anyway, Brent Corrigan finished third in a competition a couple months back alongside Brent Everett and Pierre Fitch to have his own line of Fleshjacks (the gay version of the Fleshlight) released. Since they’re all being released now, and because Corrigan needs attention the way I need oxygen and vodka, he decided to pull a Katherine Heigl and tell everyone not to buy their Fleshjacks and to only buy his, because Brent Corrigan understands how marketing and PR works.

[BrentCorrigan] Don’t go wasting all your hard earned money on them OTHER boys’ Fleshjack lines, wait for the one you know you really want :-)

Okay, so maybe this was just a joke. Maybe he was just being facetious and having a little fun, right? Let’s let Brent clarify this and we can all look back on the funny joke.

[BrentCorrigan] @Out_Cairns No, there is no rivalry. Aside from both being Fleshjack Boys, Pierre doesn’t even exist on my radar.

… I’m sorry, could you repeat that? I didn’t quite catch that over the batshit-crazy that was coming out of your face. I wonder if anyone told him that he actually finished THIRD. As in, he had his ass handed to him by both Pierre and Brent Everett. And that he only narrowly beat out Steven Daigle, the guy who couldn’t even make it past the second week of Big Brother. But don’t feel too bad; It’s not like they ever made a forgettable cameo in Another Gay Movie 2: Electric Boogaloo. High-Five! … No? Okay then.

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