Superman Henry Cavill: A successful failure

Henry Cavill

FitnessBytes with Wes Ferguson

Did you know that super hottie Henry Cavill was supposed to be Superman in the reboot all those years ago? He had the part, then the studio dropped him for Brandon Routh.

Henry Cavill

Henry tells Men’s Health magazine: “Putting in the hard work and losing is the tough bit, that is what makes you special. That’s what makes you a man: giving your all, losing, getting back up, and giving it your all again. Because otherwise it would be easy.”

Not only is Henry getting a second chance in the Man of Steel, but he flexes his bumps alongside Kellan Lutz in the upcoming Immortals movie.

Just like AA, it works if you work it. “I want to be chosen, not wish I was part of something, I didn’t pine over the fact that I didn’t get the last one. It was ‘move on, carry on,’ whatever!”

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Henry Cavill

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