Taylor Momsen got fired from ‘Gossip Girl’

Taylor Momsen, Penn Badgley and Jessica Szohr

Well, it was only a matter of time anyway. After years after mouthing off and bashing her own show and acting in general, Taylor Momsen finally achieved her goal of being fired from Gossip Girl. And to think, all she had to do was talk about vibrators, bitch out other actresses and act unprofessional to the point where Tim Gunn called her out. And, some chick named Jessica Szohr got shitcanned to. Who? Exactly.

Series stars Taylor Momsen (Jenny) and Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) are leaving the CW series, Access Hollywood has learned. A source close to the show told Access that the pair will not be returning as series regulars next season. Actress Kaylee DeFer, who has joined the cast as Serena’s (Blake Lively) cousin, Charlie, last season, has been promoted to a series regular. SOURCE

Hey, this is great for Taylor. Considering she never wanted to be an actress and only became one because her mom pushed her into it when she was too young to say no, this is probably like Christmas for her. When they gave her her pink slip, she probably just mumbled something about how her mom’s a fat c-word then set something on fire. Jessica Szohr might be in trouble though. I just Googled her to find out who she is, and Google answered ‘Did you mean someone who actually exists?’ Yeah, Google got really bitchy all of a sudden.

Taylor Momsen, Penn Badgley and Jessica Szohr

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