Taylor Momsen is on ‘indefinite hiatus’!

Bad news for those of you who like terrible, terrible television: Taylor Momsen has been shitcanned from Gossip Girl. Well, not “shitcanned” per se, more like she was put on “indefinite hiatus” after whipping out her mommy issues onstage and bad-mouthing the show.

Sorry, Taylor Momsen fans; you won’t be seeing Jenny Humphrey on the little screen for the rest of the year–unless it’s in reruns. Deadline Hollywood reports that the 17-year-old Momsen–who’s developed a reputation for increasingly volatile behavior–has been placed on indefinite hiatus on Gossip Girl, following next Monday’s episode. SOURCE

I honestly don’t feel too bad for her, and it’s not because I’ve fallen back on my Taylor Momsen-hating bandwagon: Hell, getting fired from the show is probably the best way she could think of sticking it to her Mom. Believe me, the only way she could top that is if she spray painted “FUCK YOU BITCH, I LOVE DAD MORE” on her mother’s car, then drove it into her house while going to second base with that no-good Thompson kid from down the street.

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