TelevisionBytes: ‘Jersey Shore’ continues to dominate!

After being gone from the airwaves for all of five milliseconds, Jersey Shore returned to MTV last week and brought us more of the same: catfights, catcalls, and caterwauls. This is not a complaint. The white-hot series is known for its déclassé behavior, and with arch-nemeses J-WOWW and Sammi crammed back into the show’s original lodgings (scenic Seaside, NJ), it was only a matter of time before the girls broke out in fisticuffs. Sure enough, it only took one scant episode to bring on our first brawl, but of course we’ll have to wait until this Thursday to see how it all plays out.

While the punches may be old hat, the faces certainly aren’t. Joining the gang this season is Deena, a pint-sized friend of Snooki who looks, well, like Snooki. This was a definite upgrade over dearly departed Angelina, whose greatest legacy has been a dirty Maxi-pad in the bathroom.

Nevertheless, Deena immediately made an enemy out of Sammi, who has adopted a Me Vs. The World attitude in the third season — a silly consequence from last year’s Letter Scandal (specifically, when J-WOWW and Snooki sent Sammi an anonymous letter informing her of boyfriend Ronnie‘s infidelity). Even though Ronnie was at fault in that mess, Sammi somehow took his side and now the vitriol between her and the rest of the girls is more intense than ever. Perhaps that’s why she immediately expressed disdain towards Deena, who happily buddied up with Sammi’s rivals. Deena understandably did not appreciate Sammi’s bitchy attitude, and ultimately the women began quarreling, which led to J-WOWW interceding and the aforementioned fisticuffs.

It’s all par for the course in Seaside, and judging by the monster ratings (over eight million people tuned in), America still wants more. I know I do.

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