the carver, sexy dempsey, and the bluths!

hey hey everyone! oh i feel like i have been gone for so long even though its only been since yesterday! so today i wanted to catch up with you all on a few items on that trusty old stand-by – the television – as most of you know i love TV and i watch way too much of it! gosh i’m watching it right now!

however i will start out with a major pet peeve of mine as of late – i am so damn sick of these two hour finales which are seeming to pop up just about everywhere – like this past sunday was the survivor finale (congrats danni) – last night the amazing race (congrats linz family) finale & tomorrow the apprentice finale with the donald – guess what they all have in common? two hours!!! when there is so much other crap to watch – it is so hard to squeeze in two hours of a show while keeping up with my semi-short attention span…so i skipped out on survivor & amazing race (yes shame on me) – and i doubt i will do donald tomorrow…there however is one show coming up next week that is a two hour season finale and i think i will be glued to every second of it as we find out finally who the carver is on…


so last night’s episode didn’t reveal any more about the identity of the carver but the advert for next week really had me guessing – so liz will actually come under suspicion which makes me think it may not be her but i still have all my bets placed on her – and finally next week rhona mitra makes a return as the cop investigating the crime spree – we haven’t seen her since she was attacked herself a few weeks ago – many people have mentioned they think it could be meryl – that evil doctor who used to work with troy & mcnamara but i really think he is dead – so i am counting him out – if it is NOT liz cruz as i suspect – then i think they will go with two people who have been perhaps in co-hoots creating all the terror of the carver…either way they better make next week’s season finale fucking amazing and not leave us hanging until season #4 starts – that is quite far off – oh i am going to miss my dear nip/tuck – and if you haven’t seen this image yet – it’s a must see (thanks jerm!) – someone captured this video of the carver – turned it upside-down – and you can see a ghostly image of someone – even though i stared at it for what felt like hours – i cannot make it out – see it for yourself – also check out my nip/tuck archives!

grey’s anatomy

so yesterday i tried to post on the golden globe nominations – i was up but i was so tired and they were dragging it on – they split up the announcements into two groups of twelve – commercial breaks were plentiful – and they were way to cheery on E! at 5am…so i said screw it went back to bed – and i knew everyone and their mom’s would post the list – but i did go back to sleep knowing that my beloved grey’s anatomy scored a best tv drama nod – along with acting nods for that lovable sandra oh and that oh so damn sexy patrick dempsey (aka dr. mcdreamy) – i have stood by this show since the beginning and it really is one of my favorites – i’m starting to feel a little over all those desperate housewives…so make sure after your visit to wisteria lane on sunday nights you stick around for an even better show…

arrested development

this is the BEST news i heard all day long! it was reported today that both ABC and showtime are interested in picking this show up if it does indeed get cancelled from FOX who are being all coy now – i don’t care if they put this show on the fucking PAX network – i would watch – i will watch it anywhere – this past weekend i started watching season #1 on DVD and watched about 10 episodes in a row – i loved every minute of each & every one but i did find myself being a bit loopy after watching – it takes you to a different plane of reality – i really hope this show can find a good stable home – i couldn’t live without that bluth family! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo :)

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