The celebrity singles for FOX’s ‘The Choice’

The Choice

In order to give false hope to thousands of single ladies (and men) here’s the full list of celebrities who will be appearing on FOX‘s completely original new show, The Choice, who will be vying to date a complete stranger and then immediately never call them again. Naturally, this list includes two douchebags from Jersey Shore, because what fun is a blind date without the risk of herpes? Via EW:

Pauly D
Tyson Beckford
Joe Jonas
Dean Cain
Rob Kardashian
Rocco DiSpirito
Warren Sapp
Finesse Mitchell
Jeremy Bloom
Jason Cook
Michael Catherwood
Seth Wescott
Parker Young
Ndamukong Suh
Dr. Robert Nettles
Taylor Hicks
Mike Sorrentino
Rob Gronkowski
Steven Lopez

Carmen Electra
Hope Dworaczyk
Rima Fakih
Sophie Monk

For the record, all of these people are essentially going on dates with people in exchange for money, which in a weird way makes this the first televised prostitution ring. Not that there’s anything wrong with that because really, that’s honest work. Hell, for most of these people, this would officially mark the first time they’ve ever worked for their money. I’m looking at you, The Situation.

The Choice

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