The Emmys made it work!

Alright, confession time: I didn’t watch The Emmy Awards last night. Now, before any of you take that as an elitist little comment about being too good for the Emmys, I’m not; I watched Big Brother 12 instead. *Le Sigh* Anyway, while I was watching Ragan cry for, like, the billionth time on national television (get a hold of yourself man!), this happened.

Man, am I ever dumb.

For those of you who ever wondered what would happen if you took Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, the cast of Glee, Betty White, Joel McHale, Tim Gunn and Hurley from Lost, and made them all perform Bruce Springsteen‘s Born to Run … Well, your oddly specific dream has come true. Although be warned: Kate Gosselin is in this, which kind of ruins the entire thing. Completely. Well, she already ruined eight kids; what’s one musical number in the grand scheme of things?

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