Paris Hilton has the vapors!

Proving once and for all that Paris Hilton is literally a weapon of biological warfare, the queen of the celebutards was arrested for cocaine possession over the weekend after police got a whiff of her vapor trail. Seriously. You can literally smell the skank on her. Keep that in mind next time you see her nasty-ass perfume in the bargain bin at K-Mart.

Paris Hilton’s latest run-in with the law began when a motorcycle officer got a whiff of suspicious smoke emanating from a Cadillac on the Las Vegas Strip. Suspecting the odor was marijuana, the officer stopped the car at 11:22 p.m. Friday and during a check police say a bag of cocaine fell out of the 29-year-old socialite’s purse. The officer “followed the vapor trail and the odor of marijuana to the Escalade,” police Sgt. John Sheahan said. SOURCE

Sometimes it’s just too easy. I like to think of this as one of those old-time Yogi Bear cartoons where the officer just sort of floats over to her car on a trail of odor that smells like weed and sluts. Although just to err on the side of safety here, we should probably just stick her in solitary confinement. Then fill her cell with quick-dry cement. Once again, this is entirely for the safety of the environment. There’s no telling what kind of damage that amount of skankitude could wreck!

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