The Much Music Video Awards were last night!

Lady Gaga

… oh yeah that’s right, they’re Canadian so no one cares. Nah, don’t worry about it. We’re pretty much used to it at this point. Much Music, the Canadian equivalent of MTV in that it used to be about music and now it’s just a bunch of shows starring awful, awful teenagers, threw their own version of the VMAs called the MMVAs, which is totally not confusing to anyone at all. And much like the VMAs, the MMVAs also got swept by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, which I’m sure won’t be embarrassing for everyone a couple years from now.

The 25-year-old dance-pop superstar, who had a lot to live up to after her famous “flaming boobies” MMVA performance two years ago, won international video of the year for Judas and UR FAVE international video for Born This Way at the MMVAs broadcast live from Much’s Queen and John headquarters in Toronto. The only other multiple MMVA winner was Stratford, Ontario’s own teen pop kingpin Justin Bieber, who won two trophies. The 17-year-old Biebs picked up two awards for international video of the year by a Canadian for Somebody to Love feat. Usher — tying with Toronto rapper Drake’s Find Your Love — and UR FAVE artist for the same tune. SOURCE

And in true Canadian fashion, the mushroom-headed people of Nova Scotia were there to award the winners with their award: a Tim Horton’s cup full of Maple Syrup and a medicare card good for a lifetime’s worth of free health care, as is tradition. All nominees were given hockey stick and a poutine, as is tradition. Then Vancouverites were invited onstage to help dismantle everything by burning it the fuck down, as is tradition. A glorious day for Canada, and therefore, the world.

Lady Gaga

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