Amy Winehouse’s disastrous performance in Belgrade!

Amy WInehouse

So here’s the good news: Everyone’s favorite on-and-off alcoholic singer is back to performing! The bad news is she’s also still kind of a mess. Anyway, Amy Winehouse was booed off the stage in Belgrade, Serbia for a dismal performance. Actually, it wasn’t really a performance so much as it was watching a drunk woman stumble around mumbling about a girl named Valerie.

Serbian media described the concert late Saturday kicking off her European tour before about 20,000 fans as a “scandal” and a “disaster.” The Blic daily said the concert was “the worst in the history of Belgrade.” Winehouse, who has publicly struggled with drugs and alcohol, was almost an hour late, before stumbling to the stage and appearing unable to remember the lyrics to her songs. She dropped the microphone and occasionally disappeared, with her band playing instead. The crowd at Belgrade’s fortress could hardly tell which song Winehouse was singing and responded angrily. Many walked out in disappointment. SOURCE

Look, I love Amy, I really do. That being said, the performance was BAD. Think of it this way: This is a country that to had to fight to free itself from the Ottoman empire, and even they were like “Man, this is the single worst thing to ever happen to Serbia EVER. Who’s up for a couple bloody revolutionary wars to wash the taste out of our mouths? Anyone?”

Amy WInehouse

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