The Rock Just Got Sued

I mean Dwayne Johnson. Or something. Why would you pick “Dwayne Johnson” over “The Rock” as your go-to name? Oh you crazy people. Anyway, it turns out he’s being sued by a WWE fan claiming that his leg was permanently damaged after The Rock pushed a fan onto it during a match. Over eleven years ago. As in, 1999.

According to the lawsuit, Ronald claims the wrestlers took the fight out of the ring and into the stands — when The Rock shoved a spectator … and caused a woman standing nearby to fall onto Ronald … injuring his right leg and knee.

Ronald claims he sustained “severe and painful injuries” that will continue to bother him. In fact, Ronald says he recently had to undergo surgery on his leg as a result of the wrestling incident. SOURCE

Of course, this is instantly revealed to be total bullshit once you sit down and ask yourself what kind of parents would purposely ignore the fact that their seven-year-old son has been crippled during a wrestling match? “Hmmmm, seems out son’s gotta wonkey leg now. BUBBA RAY! Take him out and back and put him out of his misery while I go sue them there wrasslin’ folk for Jesus!”

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