Speidi’s sex tape isn’t real; The world isn’t ending!

Who fucking called it? Anyway, it looks like Vivid Video is calling Flesh-Coloured Pedo-Beard on is bluff by demanding he show a preview of the supposed sex tapes if he wants his money. The only problem? He’s not giving them any sneak peeks. Granted, Karissa Shannon has said that there was a sex tape, but considering that’s the only reason you know her name, of course she’s saying there’s a sex tape.

Steven Hirsch tells TMZ he isn’t going to down to Costa Rica to meet with [Name Redacted] about the sex tape — until Spencer coughs up a preview. Specifically, Hirsch says he wants to see at least 30 seconds of whatever it is Pratt’s got.

As we first reported, [Name Redacted] is asking for at least $5,000,000 for his library of footage. Hirsch says he asked [Name Redacted] to send him some kind of preview because he doesn’t want to be part of any publicity stunt. So far, he hasn’t seen a frame. Looks like we’ll find out soon if [Name Redacted] is bluffing … or if he really has Heidi’s pair. SOURCE

It should be noted that Heidi Montag had her vagina surgically removed because she thought it made her crotch look fat, while Spencer just plain doesn’t know how lady parts work. “Hmmmmm … according to these Ikea instructions, the blocky men are telling me to stick my flugen into your kalack and move it around. Well, it worked with the coffee table didn’t it?”

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