This Tightrope’s Made For Walkin’

This week’s fabulous mashup features a song that never fails to get my hips swiveling: Nancy Sinatra‘s These Boots Are Made For Walkin’. It continues to be one of the most ultra-cool – and female empowered – hits from the swingin’ 60’s. But imagine my joy when I heard it using one of my favorite new artists, Janelle Monáe. If there ever was a breath of fresh air out there in the land of prefab pop tarts and autotuned messes, it’s Ms. Monáe! I’ve been dying to hear a mash of her fantastic Tightrope forever, so leave it to the always eclectic Party Ben to put together this glee-inducing smash! Are you ready, boots?

Download Party Ben‘s This Tightrope’s Made For Walkin’
[.mp3 / 8.9mb / right click, save link as …]

Enjoy! — DJ Paul V.

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