Tila Tequila looking to out-suck Kim Kardashian!

Tila Tequila

Good things never last forever, and apparently, shitty things don’t have a really long shelf life either because Kim Kardashian is about to be knocked off her throne of musical suck by everyone’s favorite dwarf-slut, Tila Tequila. Yes, Tila just finished taping a music video for her new single, Walking On Thin Ice, which is about abusive relationships and female empowerment. Because if anyone knows anything about female empowerment, it’s the chick who fucked over twenty famewhoring models on MTV.

“This song wasn’t easy for me to record because it was during a time when my life was complicated and I was emotionally drained,” Tila told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview. “The video was created in a way where the woman isn’t just a victim, she is also a survivor. I want women to see that you can get out of abusive relationships and hopefully do it before something horrible happens to you or your partner,” Tila said. “I am hoping people can see that this video doesn’t promote or glorify abuse, in fact, it is promoting change and strength.” SOURCE

Wait, why is Tila singing about empowerment? If you want to be empowered, you need shit like self-respect and dignity, and Tila’s dignity is about as real as Bigfoot or God’s mercy. The only difference is that at least a handful of misguided people think those two things actually exist.

Tila Tequila


UPDATE: Here’s the music video …

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