Tila Tequila: Still lying about her sex tape!

Alright, you’d figure by now most people would have caught on to the whole ‘people can’t randomly leak a sex tape online without a signed release form and valid government ID’ thing, but then again, most people aren’t that bright. Anyway, Tila Tequila is getting all fake pissed at her ex-boyfriend for selling her sex tapes, which would probably be total bullshit even if this wasn’t a transparent ruse because Tila would fuck a camel for a can of Diet RC Cola.

Tila went to YouTube.com to sound off about her sex tape, but labeled it “something special” made with someone she loved. “If you’re watching this right now buddy, you are in major, major trouble,” she said to the ex in the video. “You think this is going to make you famous? I don’t think so honey.” Tila, who reportedly shot a second sex tape with a female, didn’t want the home video to get out. “A sex tape is something you make deliberately to put out there as a porn. I did not make that,” she said. SOURCE

Quick question, but can any of you actually name what exactly the fuck Tila Tequila does as a profession? No? Didn’t think so. She is seriously the reason I asked MK to create the FAMEWHORES category. Keep leaking those sex tapes sweetie; it’s not like you have anything else going for you. Seriously, if I don’t see Tila Tequila’s Petting Zoo Peep-Show (Now with more Goats!) on the shelves by Christmas, I owe all of you a Coke.

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