TJ Jackson has temporary guardianship of MJ’s kids

TJ Jackson

So if you haven’t heard by now, there’s some serious shenanigans going down in the Jackson family, up to and including Janet Jackson slapping Paris Jackson because she wants some money. You know, because trying to beat money out of a child’s face is a reasonable thing for an adult to do. They’re like the coin-blocks from Super Mario. Anyway, since Katherine Jackson is currently dealing with the rest of her kids clamoring for Michael Jackson‘s money, TJ Jackson (34, son of Tito Jackson) has been named temporary guardian of the kids, at least until the rest of the family stops being terrible. TMZ reports:

Before Beckloff appointed TJ … TJ’s lawyer said TJ had a strange phone call with Katherine yesterday and TJ said, “I’ve never heard my grandmother talk like that.” TJ added, “She wasn’t sharp.  The pauses, choice of vocabulary … she has not used certain phrases like that before.” TJ thought she was talking in code. As TJ addressed the court, he was choking up. Beckloff said this was not a power play by TJ and ordered the Michael Jackson Estate to give TJ the funds necessary to take care of security and anything else that’s needed for the children. The judge said Katherine was not suspended for wrongdoing, but that she was prevented from doing her guardianship duties by “intentional act from third parties.” In other words, the judge smells a rat in the form of Randy, Jermaine and Janet.

And in case you’re wondering: apparently, the kids love TJ and based on reports coming out of the fracas, he seems to be the only one who isn’t trying to leach money out of this. And given some of the other prospects, this is probably the most rational decision they could have made. Honestly, you know something is seriously wrong when LaToya Jackson can be seen as the second best option as a parental figure.

TJ Jackson

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