tom & katie split?!?

good morning everyone! this is the kind of headline i love to wake up to…below is the latest cover of national enquirer which is all about the inevitable split between tom cruise & katie holmes – normally i don’t like to wish for people breaking up but tomkat is an exception – we all know they won’t last! although it sounds like tom will be making things difficult if his ‘stepford’ bride decides she wants out! it’ll be very interesting to see how things go on the set of the movie she is supposed to film down in louisiana…

in other gossip news there’s kirstie alley‘s stomach surgery disaster…she can now join the likes of courtney love, tara reid and britney spears! right below ms. alley is star jones who should be banned from any more surgeries – gosh ms. jones-reynolds looks terrible these days…like she is held together by screws and if one were to came undone she would collapse on the floor!

oh i bet drew barrymore is thrilled with ‘jane’ magazine editor jane pratt who is spilling all the scandalous beans about her supposed romantic romp with ms. barrymore and last but not least there is ‘desperate housewives’ star doug savant‘s real-life ordeal as a battered husband – he’s now married to laura leighton who was his co-star on ‘melrose place’ (she played ‘sydney’) but i have a feeling this article could be about his first wife dawn dunkin who he split with in ’97…she probably cracked him over the head when she found out about his new found love for ms. leighton! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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