Tyler Shields refused to shoot Kim Kardashian!

Tyler Shields and Kim Kardashian

Tyler Shields and Kim Kardashian

There are few things in this world as gratifying as Kim Kardashian expecting people to blindly bend to her every whim, only to have them shut her down for being an entitled, selfish sh!t. It’s … it’s just delicious. Which is exactly what happened when Kim expected celebrity photographer Tyler Shields to shoot her for an international Vogue cover, only to have him turn her down because he hates her. Just so, so perfect. RadarOnline reports …

When Kim finally landed a spread with Vogue, even if it was international, “It was a shock and a stab to Kim’s ego to be turned down by a photographer she wanted,” another source said. “Vogue was in shock too, as if people should be clamoring to shoot for them.” But the source close to Tyler Shields, 31, said not only is he just not that into Kim, but the shoot wouldn’t have been worth it to him either.

Oh, that’s just scrumptious. It’s like Christmas and your birthday at the same time. At the Superbowl. And the halftime show involves Kim being pegged in the face with a football like Marcia Brady. I just want to take this moment and encapsulate it in amber forever and ever.

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