Tyler Perry fans want him to ditch Kim Kardashian!

Tyler Perry and Kim Kardashian

A few of you might remember that back before Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, Tyler Perry decided to stunt cast her in his upcoming film Marriage Counselor. Unfortunately, once you remember that Tyler’s audience mainly consists of black christian people and that Kim Kardashian is famous for getting peed on for a sex tape and then taking a giant shit on marriage, you’d figure that it would only be a matter of time before his audience threatens to boycott his movie because putting Kim in a movie called Marriage Counselor is like putting Adam Sandler in a movie called Funny People. Oh wait … TMZ reports:

It was announced last month Kim would have a role in the movie Marriage Counselor — which became even more ironic when announcing her split from Kris Humphries a week later. Perry’s fans have flocked to his web site, begging him to reconsider Kim. One post reads, “… why are you even considering putting no talent, show everything Kim K in a movie. I will not support that movie …” But Perry is standing strong, telling TMZ any rumors that say she’s out are false. He added, “She is scheduled to work as planned.”

While I respect those who oppose the casting based on the fact that Kim is a lying skank bitch who conned everyone with a fake marriage and now she’s been cast in a movie purely for the sake of drumming up publicity with stunt casting, I think the biggest concern about this is the fact that SHE CAN’T ACT. Hell, have you ever actually seen her try and act on her own show? She’s trying to play herself (which is by no means a stretch) and she can’t even do that. Kim has no talent. None whatsoever. Which is weird because you sort of need that to actually act, but I guess that’s why I’m not some big shot Hollywood producer.

Tyler Perry and Kim Kardashian

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