‘valerie cherish’ carries on!

well it’s sunday kids – and you wouldn’t expect anything less than my weekly vigil for the comeback – as of late i have ran into some more people that totally love this show as much as i do (i see gillian, ck, mk, hipstertrash…oh romper room) – a large part of it all is due to darling lisa kudrow who is such a skilled comedic actor – she is the best – and i am NOT a fan of ‘friends’! i love all her little subtle ‘valerie-isms’ – plus the show is so bittersweet, witty, and quite ‘sassy’ – and tonight valerie hangs with the cool kids – oh i just can’t wait – there is only a few more episodes left :( – but popbytes will be there for each and every one! and you all better tune in as well! popbytes out for now! xxoo

At the insistence of the network, “Room and Bored” gets a makeover and adds two new cast members, Greg (Amir Talai) and Kaveen (Maulik Pancholy), spurring talk of a coup by the “original five. Meanwhile, Franchesca’s (Vanessa Marano) new friend Kalla (Willa Holland) shakes up the status quo at home.

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