Vanessa Hudgens thinks she’s ‘gangster’!

Vanessa Hudgens

In a desperate attempt to convince everyone she isn’t just that chick from High School Musical, everyone’s favorite “white chocolate” addict, Vanessa Hudgens, told Fabulous magazine that she actually has a bit of a potty mouth. Which I can actually believe because she’s an adult who doesn’t live in some sort of mystical land of cotton candy sunshine and people never swear. But then she kind of torpedoes the whole thing by claiming that she can get “very gangster” at times and I suddenly remember just how white she is.

She told U.K. magazine Fabulous, “I’ve definitely got a wicked side. I have what I call ‘sailor mouth’. I can get very gangster at times. I used to be very timid. Now I’m my own person. I don’t feel pressure to look a certain way. My weight fluctuates, like any normal girl. If anyone told me to lose weight, I’d say f**k you and walk away.” SOURCE

Oh yes, bitch is a straight up O.G. Mouseketeer. You know how we do. Rollin’ through the ‘burbs in our mom’s Ford Outback, poppin’ fresh chedda at the Jamba Juice, then we get crunk with our bitches down at the club before we have to get home at ten because it’s a school night and Mom grounds us if we’re out past curfew. Shiiiiiiiiiit, gangstas be trippin’ cuz Mickey be a stone cold Pimp playa.

I have know idea what any of what I just said means.

Vanessa Hudgens

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