LeAnn Rimes thinks she can cheat because of ‘double standards’

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

If you needed another piece of evidence to throw on the already overwhelming pile that proves LeAnn Rimes is fuck-a-duck crazy, LeAnn decided to go on the record and state that, while she didn’t marry Eddie Cibrian “The right way”, she’s still allowed to cheat because all the men in country music cheat anyway, so basically, by having sex with someone who isn’t her husband, she’s a feminist or something. Sure, makes total sense.

“[Country music] has such a double standard,” she said in ‘Backstory: LeAnn Rimes,’ which aired Sunday, two days after she quietly married Eddie. “You know, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash and all these guys. God knows what they did back in the day. And if a woman did it, you never were accepted or forgiven. But if it was a guy, it was just their life. … It’s quite interesting to have to navigate those waters as a woman in this business.” SOURCE

Where to start here … ooo, I got it. First, you are nowhere near the level of Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash. People didn’t keep listening to them because we all think it’s okay for men to cheat, we listened because they were actually good. And second, just because someone else does something wrong, that doesn’t mean you get a carte blanche to join in on it. Once again, it’s not okay when men do it, and it’s still not okay when women do it. The only reason I’m not bashing Eddie, cheating fuck that he is, as much as you is because he at least has the sense to not keep talking about how he’s allowed to cheat because of some sort of twisted logic he concocted.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

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