Vanessa Hudgens: I was eating white chocolate, not drugs!

Vanessa Hudgens

So over the weekend, Vanessa Hudgens was photographed at Coachella completely tripping balls and dipping her finger into a baggie in her purse, pulling out a white substance that she ate off her finger like it was Jon Hamm‘s dick. Of course, everyone assumed it was a drug called “Molly” because, let’s face it, the girl looked like she was one rolled-up hundred dollar bill away from giving away handjobs for coke behind the port-a-potties, but her rep is now claiming it was actually just melted white chocolate. Which sort of begs the question: Who keeps white chocolate in a dimebag in the desert?

Vanessa Hudgens was the subject of fresh web rumors on Monday — thanks to confusing new snaps taken of her over the weekend at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif. Hudgens, 22, was photographed reaching in a small bag and licking a mysterious white substance off of her fingers. Drugs? Nope. A rep for the Sucker Punch starlet told E! News that the creamy stuff was actually melted white chocolate. SOURCE

First off, I feel really old right now because I actually had to go on Twitter to ask what Molly was because I don’t touch drugs. Thanks to reader @OneEyedJuliet for doing the research for me and telling me that it’s basically powdered E. Anyway, now to my point: There’s no way that was white chocolate. Hell, as long as it’s in moderation I don’t care what she puts in her body. That being said, I’d probably respect her more if she just came out and said something like “I was at Coachella, of course I did drugs.” Or better yet, she could have just pulled out a picture of Zac Efron and said “I had to pretend to date this for four years and not once did he stick his penis in me. I DESERVE THIS, YOU BITCHES!”

Vanessa Hudgens

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