victoria goes dramatic at tomkat’s wedding

good evening boys & girls! i hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! the weather was quite nice & warm in LA – so this morning i made it down to the farmer’s market over on ivar right here in hollywood and then took care of some boring errands! next i simply had to head to the movies and finally check out borat which of course was super hysterical! he offends everyone in the movie – no one could actually be offended – well i’m sure some people (who didn’t get it) were but i laughed & laughed my ass off! my favorite parts were the interviews he did with unsuspecting folks like those feminist gals, the humor coach, the etiquette lady, and the driving instructor – i loved seeing their genuine reactions to that crazy but lovable man from kazakhstan…highly recommended if you haven’t already seen it! sacha baron cohen is a comedic genius!

so who really wants to go over every little detail of the tomkat nuptials? it’s over and the ‘happy’ wedded couple is off on their honeymoon after saying they do in front of 150 of their ‘closest’ friends & family…can someone please explain to me why jennifer lopez was there? maybe i’m missing something? tom & katie flew to the maldives (small tropical islands off india near sri lanka…yes i had to look it up) but there’s one guest that they probably both mentioned to each other in private while enroute…

victoria beckham who showed up in a way over dramatic dress…it’s actually a very cute & sexy dress but the addition of that oversized hat & piece of licorice wrapped across her boobs – tied in a big bow – just added that over the top touch which actually ms. beckham is quite famous for! i must admit that she has really grown on me in the past few months – she’s this sorta wacky & wild character and i think i adore her! plus of course everytime i think of victoria…i can’t help but think of that hunky husband of hers…mr. david beckham! everyone should think of david at least once a day! check out ms. beckham’s dress below – yes it’s crazy but she works it! gosh i love that look on the reporter’s face – bad picture timing for her for sure -poor thing! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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