Video Fix: Zeb Atlas & Pearly Gates’ ‘Love Hangover’

Hey Zeb Atlas, know how I know you’re gay (and not just for pay)? THIS ENTIRE VIDEO. In order to apologize for an entire day of nothing but Paris, Tila and Octomom‘s weird Oedipal fetish, I’m giving you all the gift of hot men and terrible music.

So here’s Zeb and Pearly Gates covering Diana RossLove Hangover. Why? Because it’s either this or a story about how Lizzie McGuire is knocked up too, and my patience for anything involving engagements and occupied wombs is running pretty low right now. So just mute your computer and watch the tiny mountain of a human being dance. All credit for this find goes to Zach over at The Sword (NSFW). And by credit I mean blame. BLAAAAAAAME! *Throws the first stone*

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