Worst. Reality show. Ever.

Kim Kardashian

You know what I love about reality shows? It’s the fact that, unlike real, scripted shows wherein progress is marked by character growth and new ideas, reality TV’s progress is based entirely on how morally bankrupt they can make it. Which is why they’re making a show where they take the most contemptible people on the planet and make them harass the people who rightly hate them.

The premise is simple enough – celebrities confront the people who truly and utterly loathe them in order to turn the hater’s opinion around. The catch is that the haters don’t know that the confrontation is coming, a recipe for cringe-worthy TV. After some one-on-one TV time, the haters usually come around and have a change of heart, deciding the celeb isn’t so awful after all. The first episode features Kim Kardashian and Jersey Shore star Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi confronting two young people who have just finished ripping them up on camera. SOURCE

Yes, make an entire TV show centered around giving the richest and most powerful people in pop culture another ego boost. Why not? Look, most of what I write on this site is meant entirely as humor and nothing more, but fact of the matter is, I don’t write any of this out of jealousy or hate; I write it because these people demand you keep buying and buying from them despite the fact that they don’t offer anything in return. They are, at best, total mooches on society. But hey, I’ll level with you: If any celebrity who finds offense with a couple little jokes I’ve made about them, by all means, try and change my mind. If it works? I won’t write about you ever again. Simple as that. But of course, the only way to change my mind would be to actually contribute to society in some meaningful way, and we all know that’s never gonna happen.

Kim Kardashian

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