Yeah, Heidi was lying about Jen …

Heidi Montag

Remember how Heidi Montag was all like “Waaaaaah, Jennifer Aniston banned me from the premiere of her movie” and I pledged my undying affection for Jen? Well it turns out that was all a ‘Big Misunderstanding’, which in Heidi speak means “She made the whole fucking thing up to cover for her own ass and get a little attention for herself.”

“I read that Jennifer had banned me from the premiere for being too polarizing, but I know now that it wasn’t true,” Montag tells Us. “It never really made sense to me because Jennifer is such a sweetheart and she even commented before on a red carpet about how interesting and fun it was to have me in the movie. I got my invite and I would have loved to be there, but I had to be Los Angeles with my dogs,” Montag explained. “I was honored to be a part of such a great movie and I apologize to Jennifer and Sony for this big misunderstanding. Go see the movie this weekend! It’s fantastic!” SOURCE

So basically, she couldn’t make it out so instead of just saying “Hey, I’m kinda useless and irrelevant, so I can’t go to the premiere”, she just blamed Jen. Yeah, actually, this sounds exactly like something Heidi would do. That being said, I’m dying right now to see Jen go over and blow her head up with her laser eyes. Hey, Jen, sorry about blaming you for not going to the premiere … hey, why are your eyes glowing? And does anybody else smell burning plastic?

Heidi Montag

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