Adriana Lima reveals her runway diet secret!

Adriana Lima

FitnessBytes with Wes Ferguson

I applaud Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima for being real. Girlfriend broke it down to Nylon magazine about how supermodels don’t need to eat solid food. True story!

Apparently, she stars prepping about six weeks before her personal superbowl (the Victoria’s Secret fashion show). She works out twice a day, restricting herself to lean protein and green vegetables; plus a few protein shakes and a cereal bar or two as a snack. She kicks it into high gear a week and a half before the show. Bitch stops eating. Miss Lima goes on a liquid diet; only consuming protein shakes to maintain her nutrients while keeping her super lean. She also drinks about a gallon of water a day. Twelve hours before she hits the runway, she stops drinking even water. I wish I had her discipline!

We can’t all be supermodels. Sometimes we have to learn to lower our expectations (see more on my blog).


Adriana Lima

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