Amanda Bynes needs Obama’s help with her DUI

Amanda Bynes

After months of seeing how much alcohol someone needs to drink before the roads of West Hollywood begin to look like Mario Kart, Amanda Bynes has officially been charged with DUI (she’s pleading not guilty), which carries a maximum sentence of six months. Although realistically, she’ll probably only be in there for a couple minutes before she’s back out again because this is California we’re talking about. Anyway, showing the kind of judgement and decision that makes drunk-driving seem like a good idea, Amanda Bynes has tweeted President Barack Obama to bail her out. Seriously.

@AmandaBynes: I can’t help but laugh at all of you writing fake stories about me. I was not in any hit and runs. I don’t drink so the DUI is false.

@AmandaBynes: Hey @BarackObama … I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.

Now, some people are wondering if she’s just joking, and I can see how this might be seen as so stupid that it has to be fake. Until you realize that this is a girl who:

Which is all to say, I honest to God think she can get out of this by tweeting the president. Well hey, while we’re all riding the Unlogic Express, hey Mr. President, can you get NBC to renew Community for a full fourth season, and make them bring back Dan Harmon?

Amanda Bynes

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