Is Angelina Jolie’s Rainbow Coalition complete?

Angelina Jolie

So Angelina Jolie was photographed going shopping for kids on a humanitarian mission to the Tunisian-Libyan border, and a few observant eyes noticed that she has a seventh co-ordinate tattoo on her arm. Normally, I’d throw my arms up and go “Who cares?”, but it turns out she only gets a co-ordinate tattoo when she’s having new child, which of course means the collective Internet gossip web is shitting themselves over the possibility of a seventh addition to Jolie-Pitt Superstar Squad.

While the full co-ordinates cannot be made out in the photo, the new inking has led to all manner of speculation – raising the question whether The Tourist star has another adoption in the process. However, other reports suggest the numerics refer to the latitude and longitude of her partner Brad Pitt’s birth place, Oklahoma. SOURCE

So basically, either Angelina is getting a seventh child, thus fulfilling her life-long ambition to have one child for every color of the rainbow (which, admittedly, would make for a killer superhero squad) or it’s all for Brad Pitt. Personally, I’m crossing my fingers for child #7. Then they can put their power rings together and fight the forces of evil. That’s how parenting works, right? Like Captain Planet? … Shuuuuuuuuuut up. Shut up.

Angelina Jolie

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