Britney Spears might be getting married again!

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick

Because her second marriage (the first time was that quickie one in Las Vegas) worked out sooooooo well (Never try and steal a man who’s married, people. And especially don’t fuck said marry man in the room right next to mine at two in the fucking morning. I WILL END YOU.) Britney Spears is rumored to be having herself another shotgun wedding. The good news is that this is to boyfriend Jason Trawick, who may or may not be the lone sane person in Britney’s life right now. On the downside, her people will find some way to horribly scar Brit for life using this relationship.

“We have such a great time together!” Spears tells Us exclusively. “He makes me laugh, and we are so comfortable being ourselves.” Marriage plans? “Maybe,” she teases. “Never say never!” Indeed, a family source tells Us that the blissful pair will likely wed. Trawick, after all, the source says, “was one of the only people who stuck by her through everything,” including Spears’ dark 2007 and early 2008 — when she lost custody of her sons Sean, 5, and Jayden, 4, to ex Kevin Federline, and was briefly admitted to a psychiatric hospital. “[Jason] was someone she felt she could be her true self with. [Marriage] is what they talk about and the direction they’re going in,” the insider says. SOURCE

On one hand, this is probably the first time Britney’s ever dated someone who wasn’t either just using her (K-Fed, that weird photog guy she banged briefly) or who wasn’t a straight-out douchebag (Justin Timberlake), so who knows? Maybe this might end well for her. You know, as long as her friends and family don’t sell her out to the first person who waves a couple bucks in their face. But I mean, what are the chances of that ever happening, right? … Britney’s Mom is trying to sell her kidneys on the black market as we speak, isn’t she? Goddammit.

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick

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