britney’s head-to-toe plastic surgery!

hey hey! right now i’m settling into american idol but i also had to bring you the latest cover of STAR magazine which features our dear britney spears front & center with her supposed head-to-toe plastic surgery makeover (total cost $130,000 – oh i love when magazines drum up ‘figures’) do they even have a plastic surgeon on staff at the promises rehab center in malibu?!? (it would make total sense if they did – what a perfect place to get a little nip/tuck while getting closer to fine!)

she does look better these days (except those crazy ass blue contacts which totally bug me – until she puts them away i’ll keep harping on ’em!) we’ve seen so many sides of ms. spears over the past year (no undies w/ paris britney, puking/fainting britney, bald britney, rehab britney…the list goes on…) but right now there’s only two sides i care to see – mommy britney & pop diva britney! oh my gosh her career comeback attempt has to be tighter than joan rivers‘ face! i’ve always been a britney supporter but girlfriend needs to bring it very soon!

the two other stories on the cover are david arquette & courteney cox-arquette living apart (this one i don’t believe at all – i think everything is fine with them!) tomorrow night i’ll be going to the los angeles premiere of his new horror flick the tripper which opens on 4/20 (ha!) i’ll be on the lookout for even the slightest hint of trouble! (plus the screening is at a cemetary – scary!) ok then last and yes totally least – there’s jessica simpson & john mayer carrying on with their ‘love’ – y’all know i can’t stand this couple and at this point i have no comment until they break up! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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