tom cruise throws away katie’s high heels!

top of the morning to everyone! when i read the story below from this week’s STAR magazine i knew it would make a perfect post to kick-off hump day! oh my gosh – i love the headline tom takes katie’s high heels – and throws them out! (hello drama!) based on the blurb below mr. cruise tells his bride that his sister lee anne borrowed her shoes (i wonder if her and katie are even the same size?!?) no wonder he wants to toss out her high heels – just look at the picture on the right – she’s towering over him in those hot four inch heels! the best of part of all this is that his reps ‘deny that tom takes katie’s shoes’ – i wonder if that was said with a straight face? popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

“katie says she’ll look for some of her favorite high heels and when she can’t find them, she’ll ask tom about it,” the friend says. “he’ll say, ‘oh, lee anne [tom’s sister] wanted to borrow them.’ and then, for some reason, they never turn up again.”

the source adds that when katie asks lee anne about the shoes, she says she doesn’t know what katie’s talking about. “but katie doesn’t call tom out on it – she just shrugs and says, ‘well, he’s given me another reason to go shopping for another pair!’ ” (tom’s representative denies that tom takes katie’s shoes, telling star this is “completely false.”)

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