Chris Brown: I need to bring weed to rehab!

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

After Chris Brown‘s last disastrous rehab stint, which was a PR stunt that backfired when he got kicked out for throwing a rock through his mother’s car, Chris has been ordered into yet another anger management rehab, which he actually has to complete for reals this time. Thankfully, Chris is mature enough to take this seriously, and by that I mean he tried to bring his weed in with him. To rehab. Okay then. TMZ reports …

When Chris enrolled in his court-ordered rehab joint after last week’s progress hearing in the Rihanna beating case … he asked the rehab staff if he could bring his weed along. Chris told staff the Mary Jane was prescribed by a doctor for a medical condition — depression — but the staff rejected his request. We’re told Chris kicked up a stink, claiming pot makes him calm, but the staff was unbending.

While weed really isn’t dangerous at all, really? You’re going to try and bring weed to rehab with you? An intoxicant? No, totally, I’m sure they’ll be cool with that. In fact, ask them if you can bring a keg along with you. You never know when a house party is going to break out in the dorm rooms, right? Those substance abuse patients really know how to get down.

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