Chris Crocker is doing gay porn now!

Chris Crocker

Remember Chris Crocker? (LINK / NSFW) He was the kinda skinny twinky guy who did the LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! video a couple years back and became an Internet sensation. Well, flash-forward a couple years to the present, where Chris is actually looking pretty studly now. No seriously, he’s like Abercrombie & Fitch pretty now. Anyway, Chi Chi LaRue has picked up Chris Crocker to do a gay porn flick with her studio, Channel 1 Releasing, and you know what? I say yes to this.

Brit’s most loyal fan appears to be building on the notoriety of his Leave Britney Alone video – made after the Toxic singer’s woeful MTV comeback gig in 2007 – by eyeing adult entertainment as his next career step. ‘I am not degrading myself by showing my body,’ the 23-year-old said. ‘Clothes are man-made. My body was designed by the universe and nudity is my style of choice.’ SOURCE

On a side note, as much as I respect the ever loving hell out of Chi Chi, I just noticed one little thing … have you noticed the gaylebrities she’s been recruiting? Chris Crocker? Steven Daigle? It’s like she’s trying to put together her own VH1 special called I Love 2008. There, I’ve fulfilled my one obligatory bitchy joke quota for this post. I have a good work ethic like that.

Chris Crocker

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