Chris Crocker isn’t doing gay porn anymore!

Chris Crocker

So a while back (I think it was sometime last summer … man, time flies when you’re comparing Paris Hilton‘s vagina to an angler fish!) Chris Crocker announced that he was going to be doing gay porn with Chi Chi LaRue, and everyone either got really excited or just sort of rolled their eyes and went “this bitch?” Anyway, I figured we might  as well give him the benefit of the doubt and reserve judgement until he actually goes in front of the camera. Except now he’s backing out, and it turns out this whole thing may have been a publicity stunt. What the shit, Crocker? Via The Sword (link NSFW, yet it feels so right …):

An interview with Queerty (who better to interview him?) from Sundance, where the documentary about his life just premiered. I haven’t seen the film, but if it’s as compelling as Chris Crocker’s YouTube videos, I still won’t see the film. Skip to 4:20 for the porn dismissal (“I don’t know what’s going on with that … my main focus right now is just the documentary”), which is a shame to hear because Chris Crocker’s cock is one of the few things about him that interests me. And to think, that Cybersocket Award nomination was all for nothing! Oh, what could have been!

So basically, Chris announced he was doing gay porn, everyone got excited, and a couple people even nominated him for an award just as a welcome present, and then he ducks out. What. The. Crap. Well, whatever. This is what happens when you hire someone whose sole resume can be summed up as “screaming into a camera”.

Chris Crocker

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