Conan O’Brien officiated a gay wedding!

Conan O'Brien

While the media collectively shits itself over how Conan O’Brien “pushed the envelope” (really? You guys have, like, no other idiom aside from that one? Ooooookay then) everyone’s favorite male ginger celebrated the last day of his week in New York City by officiating a wedding for a gay member of his staffer and his long time partner, the first of its kind on live TV. Entertainment Weekly reports:

While the wedding between Conan staffer costume designer Scott Cronick and his partner David Gorshein happened at the end of the hour, I want to talk about it first because it was, by far, one of the sweetest, loveliest, not to mention groundbreaking, things to happen on television in a while. O’Brien’s taped intro about how he became an ordained minister online was sidesplitting (for just a few bucks more, he also became a Jedi Knight!), but it was nearly impossible to not get choked up by the time the beautiful, surprisingly intimate (despite it being in front of nearly 3,000 people at NYC’s Beacon Theater, including Cronick and Gorshein’s family, not to mention the millions watching at home) ceremony rolled around.

All right, now I’m sure some people are wondering how I can triumph this while bashing Kim Kardashian for televising her marriage. Here’s the thing:

  1. Kim had a wedding for TV. Cronick and Gorshein had a wedding that just so happened to be on their boss’ TV show.
  2. They both realized how ridiculous it is to get married on TV, something they kept pointing out while inviting people to laugh along. As opposed to Kim’s wedding, where everyone just sort of pretended that the cameras weren’t there and everything wasn’t scripted.
  3. The whole thing was meant to celebrate marriage equality, while Kim’s was to celebrate Kim getting a multi-million dollar paycheck.
  4. Kim cannot feel basic human emotions like “love” or “happiness” without being paid.

See? That’s the difference.

Conan O'Brien

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